We’re Martin and Andrea.

We’re a Swiss couple and we like going out into the big world… Hopefully everywhere where nice people, fair winds, beautiful sunsets and smiling faces are waiting for us.

We started travelling as teenagers. Shortly after our studies we thought the world was just too big not to be explored. So we took the little money we had and bought an old Land Rover, converted it into a motor home and travelled by cargo ship to South America. 

Our journey led us further to Asia where we decided to live and work for a while. Later we took the Land Rover to Australia and further on across Africa where finally sailing struck us like lightning. We took our first sailing course and fell in love with the sailing lifestyle. Back in Switzerland, the idea of living aboard a sailboat continued to fascinate us. 

So shortly afterwards we fulfilled this dream and bought our beloved Charon. 

Since then she has been accompanying us through the world. 

We were so happy that we found the perfect combination of living in the Swiss mountains in the beautiful Wägital valley and cruising the seas on our own sailboat.

In the last few years the journey brought us from Greece through the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic. This is how Charon got here and now it is time to untie the lines again. So let’s trade mountains for waves.

Here’s to many more miles and great moments of freedom and happiness. Ahoy!


That’s Sue and Peter, a Swiss couple too, but you can call them „Chöpf“ ;-). 

We first met on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in windy Patagonia back in 2005. What a coincidence to meet these two lovely souls at the end of the world!

We’ve been best friends eversince and pursue the same goals and interests. 

Sue and Peter are also infected by that same travel virus and have done many crazy things along the way. 

And now they are crazy enough to weigh anchor with us. Together we are heading for the Pacific. 

We couldn’t be happier to start this journey with friends like you!